Dr. Angelo O. Subida

Psychotherapist. Author. Speaker.  
Author, "Secrets of Your Self"

​​"You may feel that your life is hard. But it can be your greatest opportunity. You can turn your life into a piece of beautiful art."
-- Dr. Subida


SECRETS OF YOUR SELF: A Psychotherapist Tells You His Special Story ... And Takes Your Hand to Discover Your True Self

by Dr. Angelo O. Subida


Have you tried to change your self with the best intentions? Yet you find your self repeating the same old habits that harm you? Why do you not always do what’s best or healthy for your self?

No other problem or concern causes so much heartache, self damage, and unhappiness. It’s a universal human experience. 

A part of us, to a lesser or greater degree, tends to consciously or unconsciously sabotage our health, relationships, success, and joy.


Who is Dr. Subida?

My mission is to help you heal.

My mission is to support you to find lasting wholeness from your deepest core.

It's called psychotherapy, counseling, or life coaching.

And, my credentials?

It's not my doctorate or degrees.

I've experienced life's deepest wounds and failures.

And because I learned and extracted gems from them, I'm able to successfully help a lot.


"I've been to 5 doctors and they could not figure out what's the problem with me. This is what I need, Dr. Subida, what I found in our sessions!"

Harold // Foreign Diplomat

"Our sessions gave us confidence that this pain can be overcome, reconciliation possible, capable of withstanding future storms .. thanks for your healing influence, looking forward to re-engaging with you, doc!"

John with wife Iris // CEO, multinational company

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"As a Filipino, it's so hard to be an OFW in the Middle East, many thanks for our Skype sessions doc, no other way I can get help but this....it's quite an adventure here, both inward and outward!"

Dina  //  Filipino OFW

"Yes doc me and my son will forever be grateful to you ... of course there are times I'd like to throw him out of the window haha ... we plan on meeting you again ... you're in our thoughts."

Rita  //  entrepreneur